Upcoming events

NEW Bayprofs Class at Coyote Valley Sporting Clays in Morgan Hill October 11th. This is an Bayprofs class and will be run under their rules and guidelines.

Note: The insurance for this event does not allow any holster with a retention device that is released by use of the trigger finger (e.g.: Serpa holsters). This applies to all participants in all groups.

Bayprofs Holster Safety Class - Oct 11th

Please read this carefully and contact us or Bayprofs if you have questions.

This is a Bayprofs pilot class and no certificates will be issued; however, APC Group 1 cards will still be signed as an activity and counts towards Group 2 qualification.

Important: Range info

  • This range does not allow club events. This is a Bayprofs class not an APC event. Do not tell someone that you are here for a "club" event.
  • Do not wear a holster, mag pouches or tactical gear outside of the range bay.
  • Sign in at the club house and tell them you are here for Bayprofs Class
  • Please do not bring any spectators to this event. We don’t have enough space due to COVID distancing requirements i.e. If you are in Group 2 do not show up early to shoot with Group 1.
  • Please only sign up for one group per person as qualified

Schedule: Please be on time only for your assigned group

It can take 10-15 min to get signed in and down the range bay. Plan to arrive at the range bay at the designated time.

8:00 AM Group 1 - Limited to 10 people
10:30 AM NRA Instructor Pre-Qualification Course of Fire. Pistol and rifle.
1:00 PM Group 2 - Limited to 15 people

Group 1 will be the Bayprofs Holster Safety Class, Part 1 . I it will count as an APC Group 1 event and can be used to qualify for APC Group 2

Group 2 will be the Bayprofs Holster Safety Class, Part 2 . This will be our Group 2 drills and is only for APC Group 2 qualified shooters.

NRA Instructor Pre-Qualification is new . This available to class participants on this day and is open to anyone that is considering or actively working towards an NRA instructor credentials with Jeff Hagen as their NRA Training Counselor. One of the qualifications to become an instructor is to shoot a standardized course of fire. This will be available for Pistol and Rifle disciplines. Contact Jeff Hagen (bayprofs @ bayprofs . org)for details.

The cost will be $30 +$1.59 Fee for Group 1 or Group 2. If you are already enrolled in the Group 1 or Group 2 class you have an option to attempt the NRA Instructor Pre-Qualification. The cost is $10+$1.19 Fee

Gear Check:

In addition to your normal gear - firearm, holster, magazines, mag pouches, eyes, ears and ammo you may want to consider some additional items to make your experiance better.

This is an outdoor event with limited shade and you should plan for it. Bring a hat, sunscreen, water, food etc.. What every keeps you comfortable for the day. Also seating is limited because of distance requirements - Bring a chair.

This class will be conducted following all state and local guidelines for COVID-19. PPT is required and will be used; students will be asked to remain at least 6 feet apart for safety.

There are restrooms on site, running water, drinks and snacks at the clubhouse. Additionally food is served at the club house from 11AM-1PM.

How to sign up:
  • Please sign up using eventbrite.
  • For group 1: Follow the link and select your tickets. Complete the checkout.
  • For group 2: Contact APC or Bayprofs
  • For NRA instructor pre-qualifications: Check the add-on box while checking out with either group.