Action Pistol Club Email List

The Action Pistol Club makes use of a Email List for communcation among the members. Please read the information below before you sign up

What is a Email List?

It's basically an email list. The purpose of our Email List is organize and make announcements about events, and provide a channel for the members to communicate. By using Yahoo we get a secure enivoriment, free from advertising and other distractions.

The group is not exclusive; although, it does require moderator approval. We have found that having a restricted group, the limits the amount of spam and general chit chat is kept to a minimum.

For general gun talk please visit the Cal Guns forum.

How do I sign up for the email list?

The preferred method to join our email list is to use your Yahoo ID. This will provide you the most access to our internal files, photos, and other material that has been shared by our members. If you don't have or don't want a Yahoo ID you can also sign up via email. In either case you must sign up through the Action Pistol Club Email List page.

When you sign up, Yahoo will generate an email that is sent to the moderator. The moderator can approve or deny the request. Please allow some time for the request to be processed.

Generally speaking we take anybody that is not there to cause trouble. Trouble meaning people spamming the list sending out inflamtory emails of any nature.

Unsolicited emails will get you banned from the group and possibly reported to your ISP. Spamming will not be tolerated.

Please Note Our Advertising Rules - Effective July 1, 2011.

Our group has grown and matured, we are to a point where we need a better set of defined rules for the advertising that is done on the Action Pistol Club email list.

  1. All advertisements must be done by those who regularly attend the Saturday night activities.
  2. All advertisements for activities must be submitted to the Action Pistol Committee for approval two weeks prior to posting.
  3. The moderator of this group, reserves the right to "edit" or delete any advertisement for any reason at any time without notification.
  4. Advertisements for other discussion groups that are not of a Action Pistol related topic will not be allowed.
  5. Members of the Action Pistol may request advertisements for non related or personal sale items, these requests should be submitted to the Action Pistol Committee for approval prior to posting.
  6. Political advertisement is not allowed - without prior approval

Our Privacy Policy

We do not sell or share our member information. It's that simple.